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All words & music written by John Graham.

Revolution: Music by John Graham, Craig Honeycutt. Only A Moment: Music by John Graham, Mike Truman & Charlotte Truman. We Come & Go: Music by John Graham & Mike Hiratzka.

Produced Mixed and Mastered in Pro Tools by John Graham.

Additional Production on Dustpipe by Andy Gray.
Additional Production on Revolution by Andy Holt.
Additional Production on Before Long & Only A Moment by Hybrid.

Guitars on We Come & Go, Roll The Dice, All Fall Down, On Mondays by Mike Hiratzka.
Guitars on Shake, Something New & Pretty Dreams : John Graham & Mike Hiratzka.
Guitars on 'On Mondays' By Craig Honeycutt & Mike Hiratzka.
Guitars on Revolution by Craig Honeycutt & Mike Hiratzka.
Guitars on 'Before Long' by Diego Prato.
Guitars on Dustpipe by Mark Ralph.
Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2015 Distinctive Records

Cold Sun

UK born but now US based, John Graham’s new album is set to reach these shores showcasing slick, contemporary indie-rock with electronic touches and a heap of swagger. With influences including the Stone roses, Kasabian, The Cure, Depeche mode and more, it’s an album full of ideas which is primed to make an impact. The album is something of a departure for Graham, whose previous work under the name Quivver has seen him gaining countless plaudits producing house and techno music.

However, ‘Cold Sun’ and lead single ‘Roll the Dice’ prove that there are multiple strings to this particular bow, by turning out tunes which are strongly based on the indie rock genre. These hook laden, energetic tracks are then laced with dynamic electronic ideas, ported over from his experience in the EDM genres, to give them extra flavour. It’s not common that indie, rock and electronic ideas are mixed so effectively, with the latter adding superb textures to the former, and it’s certainly one hell of a combination thanks to the subtlety of John Graham’s genre bending.

The ‘Cold Sun’ album has been in the making for many years, being written in snatched time between full time work as a house and techno DJ and producer. It’s release is the culmination of an ambition John Graham has had for many years – to create a collection of songs that don’t fit neatly into a specific genre, and demonstrate just how versatile his writing can be.

His new music does a fantastic job of proving that thanks to a brazen and assured indie rock approach that drips with attitude. It’s a long way from the jungle and house specialist who started out in the 1990s and is well established in that environment. Over the years since, John Graham (as Quivver) has picked up myriad honours and career highs. The quality of his work can be vouched for by over 45,000 online followers, as well as record deals with Virgin, Warner Brothers &Hooj Choons who he has had record deals with in the past.