Cold Sun

UK born but now US based, John Graham’s new album is set to reach these shores showcasing slick, contemporary indie-rock with electronic touches and a heap of swagger. With influences including the Stone roses, Kasabian, The Cure, Depeche mode and more, it’s an album full of ideas which is primed to make an impact. The album is something of a departure for Graham, whose previous work under the name Quivver has seen him gaining countless plaudits producing house and techno music.


Roll The Dice

Roll The Dice is a huge Rock / Dance hybrid. It's brazen and assured, with pounding beats and an elevated vocal from the man himself that give the track an understated swagger and real bite. It's already featured Hollywood side.


"Roll The Dice" Music Video

Check out the music video for the forthcoming single "Roll The Dice", featuring the daring stunts of Mustang Wanted & James Kingston.

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